My presentations at FAUG during 2020

Year 2020 has been quite a bit different than previous ones. Due to this situation all the face to face events, conferences and meetups were cancelled. Luckily virtual ones came along and thus we have been able to share our experiences and knowledge with each other.

This year has also been a turning point for me since I have started to do more work among the Azure community. I had my first presentation in a Finland Azure Users Groups (FAUG) virtual meetup in May. That also happened to be the very first FAUG Virtual Azure Tricks & Tips -session.

Now as I’m starting my blog I decided my first post will be about my presentations. You’ll find them are embedded below.

All of the presentations held in FAUG Azure Virtual Tricks & Tips can be found HERE.

Documenting your Azure environments with Cloudockit:

Azure Bastion at your Service: